Unparalleled support and integration for employers.

Jobtimize addresses gaps in the employment process by helping employers hire more accurately with targeted soft skills assessments and effective job matching analysis.

  • Streamline

    Connect directly to the Jobtimize candidate database, use our fully-functional ATS or integrate with your existing system, easily post unlimited jobs, and receive an ‘Ideal Candidate’ profile for every position you post.

  • Pre-Match

    Efficiently gauge if a candidate has the right soft skills (attitude, behavior, interests) + knowledge and experience for the job, and see a FitScore™ beside their name in the dashboard.

  • Benefit

    Generate detailed ‘Job Fit’ reports, interview guides, and long-term outcome reports to guide you every step of the way. Reduce hiring time and turnover by only hiring those who match the role.

  • Expand

    Connect directly with workforce advisors for better discovery and tracking of new candidates who are compatible with your postings. Expand the candidate pool even further with Jobtimize’s diversity-blind tools.

What does it take to have a “successful hire”?

Jobtimize uses unique behavioral data and AI to equip employers with the right tools and process to get it right every time they hire. With extensive research showing that behavior and attitudes have a higher correlation with on-the-job success over education and experience, Jobtimize begins a candidate search on the basis of soft skills and job ‘fit’ before considering what’s on a the person’s resume.

Making your job easier!

Enjoy the benefits of hiring better quality candidates, backing your company with committed people who:

  • Will stay in the job after being trained
  • Approach the job with a high work ethic
  • Work well with the team and the manager
  • Remain consistent, reliable and engaged.
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Jobtimize Employers


Let Jobtimize become an integral part of your community’s workforce development.

Jobtimize Employers

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A powerful tool serving individuals, employers and career advisors – all connected within one integrated platform.

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