Powerful Job Matching Technology Now Free for Anyone Sidelined by the Pandemic

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News Release:

www.jobtimize.com is now offering free resources for jobseekers

DARTMOUTH, CANADA – Fit First Technologies has opened up its new platform, Jobtimize®, offering it at no cost to anyone who finds themselves out of work, out of school, or otherwise sidelined by COVID-19.

Jobtimize offers individuals a completely different starting point when they are asking themselves ‘where to from here?’. The conventional advice is to consider one’s skills, education, interests and previous work experience (the ‘resume’ factors), and work out the ‘next logical step’ in the career ladder. That approach is linear and excludes a world of other opportunities to which the person may be really well suited, adjacent to but not obviously related to their experience to date.

Instead of starting from the resume, Jobtimize begins by getting to know the person – their likes and dislikes, and their unique combination of behavioral traits and strengths. Once the system understands their profile, it ‘projects’ the individual into a library of more than 1250 possible job/career options and identifies the roles for which the person seems most compatible. So rather than being limited to suggesting the next ‘logical’ step forward based on what they know and what they’ve done so far, Jobtimize is able to present a much richer variety of options based on who the individual is as a person, and what their potential could be.From there, the individual is able to research those options, and even find and apply to related job openings in their area – reassured by the knowledge that they can confidently explain to the employer why they are uniquely suited to the role.

From the ground up, Jobtimize has been designed to bring all the stakeholders in the workforce ‘universe’ – employers, individuals navigating their way forward, educators and agencies – together on a single, unified platform.

We’ve been really pleased with how the platform has been received in its first year. And it became clear that until now, students and jobseekers have really only arrived there ‘by invitation’ by an employer or an organization. 

We saw the potential of the platform for individuals and in late 2019 declared our company’s mission to Connect One Million People with Better opportunity in 2020.  Little did we know at the time what the year had in store, and how urgent that mission would become”.

Jan G. van der Hoop, President, Fit First Technologies

Jobtimize offers meaningful tools and support that will help people move forward in a productive way, be it taking advantage of the many valuable training and skills development programs available in their community, researching community college or other academic pathways that will make them more competitive in the workforce and prepare them for more ‘future-secure’ jobs, or helping them identify the job and career options which are a great fit for them and are in demand now. 

In addition to opening up Jobtimize for this COVID response, Fit First is partnering with a variety of other organizations to offer a wide array of tools, interviews, tips and perspectives that enhance and complement the resources available in Jobtimize. These will sit in the company’s Jobtimize page in Facebook, and membership in that community is also free to anyone.


About Fit First Technologies

Fit First Technologies Inc., based in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia with offices in Toronto, Dallas and Reno, combines advanced I/O psychology research, behavioural job-matching algorithms, for the benefit of individuals as well as the organizations that prepare them for the workforce and the employers that hire them. The TalentSorter engine provides unlimited use, flat-cost, dynamic assessment used by organizations for the screening of candidates for their likely fit in the role. For more information visit www.FitFirstTech.com