Jobtimize helps US-based Autism Employment Program Expand Nationwide


New Resources Available to Jobseekers with Special Abilities for Career Planning and Job Searching.

DARTMOUTH, NS (March 25th, 2020) – With the successful development of their career matching software, Fit First Technologies Inc. has entered into an agreement with North Virginia-based Organization for Autism Research (OAR) for work on the nationwide expansion of OAR’s ‘Hire Autism’ employment program. 

The Hire Autism program helps individuals with autism find meaningful employment opportunities by supporting them through various aspects of the job search process, including career exploration to job search readiness. 

As part of OAR’s Hire Autism national expansion, they invited Dartmouth-based Fit First Technologies to partner with them by using Fit First’s Jobtimize® – an online career assessment tool that uses human analytics and behavioural science to guide jobseekers and students towards better career planning and discovery. 

Jobtimize is free for all jobseekers. It not only focuses on jobs that match an individual’s education and work experience, but also expands the pool of opportunity to jobs that are compatible with their behavioural traits, attitudes, and interests. When someone has completed their Jobtimize profile, it provides personalized job recommendations, a Career Planning Report, and lists of jobs that match them in their local area.

Fit First and OAR’s testing and implementation of Jobtimize into the Hire Autism program began last month and will continue through to April 30, 2020 before the final rollout is ready to go nationwide.


from a different starting point – an understanding of a person’s behavioural compatibility with a wide array of roles, rather than an inventory of their skills and experience – can actually lead to very different outcomes that benefit both the individual and the employer. The outcomes are even more dramatic for segments of the population that have traditionally faced barriers.

This project fits well with our exciting mission for Jobtimize this year – Connect 1 Million People with Opportunity in 2020!” 

Jan G. van der Hoop, President, Fit First Technologies

“We are eager to take this first giant step to test Hire Autism’s capacity to support jobseekers with autism across the country. And we are excited to have Fit First as our partner as we pilot test Jobtimize. Together we hope to deliver even higher quality support to individuals with autism as they look to find meaningful employment.”

Mike Maloney, Executive Director, OAR


About Fit First Technologies: At Fit First Technologies International Inc., our mission is to make hiring practices and career discovery easier, more human and more economical for everyone. We love seeing our clients become more productive and profitable as they use our tools to hire better people, and we also take a lot of pride in the fact that our technology opens new doors for jobseekers, students, and even those who face employment barriers.

Fit First is backed by an executive team of experienced people who have a combined 75 years of knowledge and understanding of HR, employee engagement and retention, human analytics, and computer science. Together, they work with our in-house software development team who dedicates their time to building and improving our suite of cutting-edge products, while keeping up with clients’ needs and evolving HR and employment requirements.

All in all, our software is helping to build a more functional, efficient workforce ecosystem. And, our exciting mission for Jobtimize in 2020 is to connect 1 million people with opportunity!

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About OAR: OAR is a national charity dedicated to raising money for practical research into the challenges of autism.  OAR is established in accordance with section 501(c)(3) of the IRS Code and is incorporated in the Commonwealth of Virginia (EIN#54-2062167).  As provided for under Virginia law, a copy of OAR’s financial statement is available upon request from the State Division of Consumer Affairs in the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services in Richmond, VA.  Donations to OAR are tax-deductible.

Contact: OAR Hire Autism, please reach out to Amanda Rioux